isn’t it too late to start a blog now?

what do you care? you’re not even real, you’re a part of my brain messing with me.

but if your name isn’t “alex’s ahole of a right brain”, i don’t know why you’re here, unless you’re stalking me (ooOooOOo, scary~) no but you’re here already, get yourself comfortable, take a look around, oh and i lost you.

ok back to you, you ashl, i want to learn how to do something, i want my brain to get challenged, so what nobody reading my stuff, i will and i am, no, we are hilarious, together, i think.

and it’d be sad if our conversation stay between us, i mean within me, i don’t know anymore.

i guess it’s just a place for me to practice spelling out our fights, eventually it will be good for something, right? i know you’re lazy and that’s why we need to be challenged, come on, we can do this.

people are amazing, some do disappoint you, me, us, but in general, they aren’t that bad, i love them. so i gotta go sleep and make them coffee tomorrow., we can continue our talk when im off or on break.


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